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       Founded in the beautiful northwest,  it’s the creation of fertile marketing minds. Our Associates have decades of experience in multiple facets of marketing and advertising.      We have seen and lived through the difficulties that small to medium sized businesses have to endure, competing for their fair share of the marketplace.  We have helped deliver a significant ROI with their advertising/marketing investment.       Businesses Of, Inc. is a bunch of business builders and strategy designers.  Our belief is: to partner with passionate companies and DON’T DO IT HALFWAY!  Keep at it until our clients SOAR!  All by keeping it simple, strategic and smart.  AAAHHHHH....simplicity, it’s a thing of beauty!       Our associates are passionate and persistent about your success!  We feel branding your business is good!  Increasing your sales is GREAT!!  That’s our FIRST PRIORITY.  Our goal is to unify your message and target it effectively!       Take a look at our marketing ideas that can be opportunities and solutions for you!
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